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Take a listen to our hot music demo production and our before and afters.

This represents only a small sample of the Master Quality Radio Ready songwriter demos &
recording projects that we've produced from songwriters, lyricists, and recording artists all over the world.

Style & Genre
Givin It Up (before)
Pop / RnB Uptempo
Givin It Up (after)
Security (before)
Pop / RnB Uptempo
Security (after)
You Are The One (before)
Pop / AC Ballad
You Are The One (after)
And I'll Meet You There (before)
RnB / Pop crossover
And I'll Meet You There (after)
Fallen Short (before)
Pop/Top40/Rock crossover
Fallen Short (after)
Leave (before)
RnB/ Top 40
Leave (after)
You're My Forever (before)
RnB - classic Duet Ballad
You're My Forever (after)
Complete (before)
Pop- classic Ballad
Complete (after)
Wonderful Day (before)
Pop ballad ala Sara Barelleis
Wonderful Day (after)
Where Did I Go Wrong (before)
Pop/RnB style Usher, Bruno Mars
Where Did I Go Wrong (after)
One Sided Love Affair (before)
RnB - Sade, Anita Baker
One Sided Love Affair (after)
Drop Was Steep (before)
Pop ballad ala Pink
Drop Was Steep(after)
And You Can Shine (before)
Acoustic Guitar style Colby Caliet
And You Can Shine (after)
One Sided Love Affair (before)
RnB - Sade, Anita Baker
One Sided Love Affair (after)
Knock (before)
Pop style One Direction
Knock (after)
Where Only Dreams Have Been (before)
Female A/C Ballad
Where Only Dreams Have Been (after)
Inside My Heart (before)
Pop/country - Sheryl Crow
Inside My Heart (after)
When I'm With You (before)
RnB style Anita Baker, Sade
When I'm With You (after)
No Matter What (before)
Pop/RnB style Usher, Neyo, 98%
No Matter What (after)
Why Should I Stay (before)
R&B/Pop ballad
Why Should I Stay (after)
In My Dreams (before)
Pop/AC ballad
In My Dreams (after)
Pointless (before)
Pointless (after)
Don't Want U (before)
Don't Want U (after)
Don't Be Afraid (before)
AC/Pop ballad
Don't Be Afraid (after)
Send Me An Angel (before)
Send Me An Angel (after)
It's Over (before)
R&B/Smooth Jazz
It's Over (after)
Fly (before)
Fly (after)
Find My Way (before)
Find My Way (after)
Second Chance (before)
AC/R&B ballad
Second Chance (after)
Everytime (before)
Everytime (after)
The Letter (before)
The Letter (after)
Goodbye (before)
Pop Ballad
Goodbye (after)
Dreams, Schemes (before)
Dreams, Schemes (after)

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